6 Reasons you need to Relax!

1. Reduced bodily defences When we get stressed, our nervous system goes on red alert, and produce “stress” hormones that, in the long term with repeated exposure, impair our bodies’ ability to heal itself, making us susceptible to illnesses. Eeks!

2. No need to “fight” off stressors  “Stress” hormones, namely, cortisol or adrenalin, is produced in the fight-or-flight response of our body. It is a natural and useful hormone in dangerous situations. But do you really need to gear up and “fight” that work deadline or that annoying guy who cut you off in traffic? I think not, so try to engage the relaxation response of our nervous system (deep breathing, exercise, meditation, yoga, etc) which will work just fine to deal with the issue.

3. Save your energy Negative thoughts and feelings manifest in the brain, and sap our energy. It gets us down, dispirited, angry, frustrated, need I say more? Put on that smile or at least actively kick out the nagging inner voice that says DOOM!

4. More things get done It’s easier to get things done when we are not rushing around to multi-task and get all 100 things done at one go. Put it all down in a do-to list, and attack them systematically. When you know you have a list to keep track of things you don’t need to hold it all in your head and so that frees up some energy. Your brain can relax for a bit!

5. A good night’s sleep Countless studies have concluded that a relaxing bedtime routine is essential for a good night’s sleep. The more relaxed you get the higher the chances you will get good Zs. Stressful circumstances or worry about life problems can keep us awake at night (I know, guilty as charged!) or cause us to wake up in the middle of the night. What you can do:

  • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine
  • Have a fixed bedtime and follow it as much as possible
  • Put the worrying issue temporarily out-of-mind- push it away each time it comes back (here is where procrastination is useful). You are unlikely to come up with a solution the next several minutes and sleeping on it may help!

6. You are happier! A mind in a relaxed state is happier, and in turn you will be happier.

Do you have anything else to add? Any useful stress-busting tips to share?

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