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Inspire Me Wednesday – A Prayer For Courage

Inspire me Wednesdays are about inspiring quotes or inspiring stories, to give us all a mid-week boost.

For today’s Inspire Me Wednesday, I came across a prayer by Rabindranath Tagore. Simple but eloquent words. I especially like the last line.

A Prayer For Courage
Rabindranath Tagore

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,
But to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
But for the heart to conquer it.
Let me not look for allies in life’s battlefield,
But to my own strength.
Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved,
But hope for the patience to win my freedom.
Grant me that I may not be a coward, feeling your mercy in my success alone,
But let me find the grasp of your hand in my failure.

It’s a prayer that isn’t asking for God/ a Higher Power to remove our troubles but rather asking for the strength to go through our troubles bravely. For we all know by now that life will always be filled with challenges, they do not magically disappear and the only way past is through them. What we want is the courage, strength and wisdom to go through them. I so like the last line, because it gives me the sense that God is with me even through my failures and difficulties, to bring me through them.

Wishing all of you courage, strength and wisdom!

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Siblinghood – more than simple rivalry

Having lots of siblings is like having built-in best friends.
Kim Kardashian

Source: Brainy Quotes

My brother, me and my sister with our mum

I got to thinking the other day what it would be like not to have siblings. Frankly, it’ll be boring, not to mention lonely growing up! They are the ones who add colour to your growing-up days. You boss them around, you get bossed around (even if you are the elder one, trust me!), you tell on them, get told on, fight, laugh, play and cry with them. These are the shared experiences you never really forget. They shape the memories of your childhood. For the most part, they form one of our strongest support systems as we grow older. It’s so easy to take them for granted- yea, came with the deal, an add-on to the family, no biggie. But no!

Not everyone has siblings and most of them will tell you they wish they had. Things you can’t tell your parents you could confide in them (after the telling-on phase passes of course!), they are an extra listening ear with the added benefit of knowing your full history and family situation – they just get it.

So go call up your sibling today and let them know how much you appreciate them! Or if you don’t have that kind of touchy-feely relationship with them – just give them a buzz to ask how they are, to show we care, because so often we forget to show it.


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Nominated and passing it on!


I have recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by Brinda Naidu from Gotta Say Thanks. Thanks Brinda! I wasn’t aware of this award but am pleased nonetheless!

I have only recently started blogging but am amazed at the simple pleasure it gives me. Writing makes me feel free. I enjoy the feeling of my thoughts flowing into words, and I savour those moments when I am able to successfully capture an elusive thought into writing. I also want to make a difference with my writing. If I can motivate, encourage, teach or humor someone with what I write, then that is reward in itself for me.

Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me. As I discover new blogs everyday, as I read the blogs of my followers, and in turn becoming their follower, I am like a child that has discovered a new toy. I am endlessly fascinated and inspired by the flow of thoughts and ideas of like-minded souls out there.

Coming back to the Liebster, having been nominated, I have to pass on the pleasure as per the following rules…

Liebster Award Rules:
1. List eleven random facts about yourself…
2. Nominate eleven bloggers for the award…
3. Let them know about the nomination…
4. Answer the eleven questions you were asked when you were nominated…
5. Ask eleven questions for the new award winners to answer…

Eleven random facts about me:
1. I love mangoes, the tarter the better.
2. I love the Harry Potter series.
3. I love long leisurely walks in parks. Preferably with my husband along.
4. I recently watched the Addams Family musical with my sister. It was fun!
5. Reading a good book relaxes me.
6. My dream job would be to read books all day and write reviews for them!
7. I love pizza… more cheesy the better…
8. One of my best friends has moved to Australia and I miss her terribly.
9. I wish I had pursued Psychology as my major at University – the human mind and its workings fascinate me.
10. My favourite colours are turqoiuse, pink and white.
11. I took a really long time coming up with this list of 11 random things and I am glad it’s finally done!

11 bloggers I nominate:
You guys have all won because you have given me reading pleasure! Thanks!

Refreshing thoughts on life and living

Feisty and fresh outlook to life

Beautiful insights about life and the journey to becoming a mother

Mother of 2 – taking life as it comes and enjoying the process

Quirky, funny and refreshingly real

Observations and insights about the things in life that we often tend to overlook

Faith is what guides us in life – she writes about life so splendidly

Great food photography and about chasing your dreams to the ends of the world – well at least to the next continent!

Always an entertaining read

A very wise lady – writing about being a single woman in today’s world

Fun, quirky and poignant thoughts about life and living well.

Keep the writing going guys! I am looking forward to all your posts 🙂

Questions for my nominees:
1. What is your best asset/skill?
2. Who do you look up to and why?
3. What is your dream job like?
4. What do you do to relax?
5. If you had to live the rest of your life only on one cuisine (e.g. Italian, Mexican, etc…) what would it be?
6. Which famous/renowned person would you most like to meet one day?
7. What is your motto/philosophy for life?
8. What is your favourite food?
9. Which book that you have read has changed your perspective in life or inspired you greatly?
10. Which hotel/resort stay was your most memorable?
11. Beach paradise, cultural immersion or urban shopping delight? Which is your most preferred vacation experience?

Questions form Gotta Give Thanks:
1. What makes you smile?
My husband’s antics – he can be quite a clown…but he is my clown 🙂

2. Who has inspired you most?
There have been plenty of people at different times of life. But at this time, I think of two people – Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, and Susan Jeffers, author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. They have helped me see life differently.

3. Why do you write?
To put my jumbled thoughts clearly on paper so they make sense, to inspire myself and others, to connect with other writers around the world.

4. Who is your favourite cartoon character?
Spongebob Squarepants! He is ALWAYS so happy…

5. What would you say if you met the Queen?
I will ask her what makes her happy. I’d be interested in her take on life, being in the position she is in and having seen life from a position of authority. One may think she has it all. But does she think so?

6. What is your favourite drink?

7. Do you believe in aliens?
I think I do. I don’t believe we can be the only life form in this Universe.

8. What is your favourite song?
In English songs, I love Bad Day, by Daniel Powter. Always picks me up when I feel down and even if I am not feeling particularly down.

9. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Thosai (Indian rice pancake)

10.What is the last book you read?
The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Amazing read!

11.Who can you not live without?
Awfully difficult question…there are simply too many people. But I am going to be contrary here and say that it is dangerous to have that mentality. We simply cannot say that I can’t live without so and so… Life has to go on no matter what, right…


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A piece of me

Ingredients to make Prithi Srikumar:
Take a huge dose of sensitivity, a batch of love and compassion, liberal bits of worry and anxiety, peppered with sudden moodiness, and sudden bits of enthusiasm, a love for dance and a love for books, great love for the people around me, bursts of high moral grounded-ness, a liberal dash of nutty, essence of introverted-ness.

Mix them all up and stew for days – gotta blend all the positive and negative bits carefully, and let the worry really set in.

And that’s me. Some parts of it may sound great and like self praise but really isn’t, ‘cause those things can really give me a lotta grief. For example, sensitivity sounds sweet and all, but I am too sensitive for my own good. I can get upset by the smallest of things (giving grief to my poor hubby as well), over-react to situations, fret about small events and passing comments, and so on. Good grief, I really need to work on that! And high moral grounded-ness? I mean that in the not so good way. Sure it’s great to have strong ethics, we all should strive to have them. I am glad I do. But by this, I also mean the desire to do everything the RIGHT way and not letting ANYONE down. By doing so, I put an insane amount of pressure on myself to get everything right and be there for everyone and get all the work done myself. Sure makes for a lot of tension, anxiety and worry. I got to start realising that I am only human and I can only do so much and I do have needs of my own…

Well that is the recipe for making me! What do ya’all think?

For DPChallenge: A Pinch of You


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Inspire Me Wednesdays – To keep on going through it all

Inspire me Wednesdays are about inspiring quotes or inspiring stories, to give us all a mid-week boost.

Today’s Inspire Me story is about Sally Lefkowitz, an active philanthropist, who gave her time to organisations such as the USO of Metropolitan New York, the Floating Hospital, Women’s Auxiliary of NYU Medical Center and Brandeis U. National Women’s Committee. She was also active in the Jewish community, particularly Women’s League for Israel, B’nai B’rith and Hadassah. She passed away at the age of 95, having lived a rich and inspiring life.

I read about her in Susan Jeffer’s book “Life is Huge”. Susan Jeffers considers Sally Lefkowitz as one of her heros. Sally had suffered numerous physical and emotional difficulties throughout her life but she refused to be beaten down by them. Instead, she continued to give her full to helping others and being a solid part of the community.

She had suffered a stroke that bound her in a wheelchair, almost robbing her of her ability to speak, cancer, tuberculosis, possible blindness and the loss of her loving husband. Through it all, she never stopped contributing. She continued attending the meetings of the various charities she was involved in, still attended the events, and enjoyed life in ways that many of us with lesser problems fail to do.

As I read her story, I felt that if she could contribute so much, to others and to her own life despite her challenges, I can too. We all can!

Her story has made me realise that no matter what life throws at us, there are ways for us to live a fulfilling life. Whenever I feel down or overwhelmed, I will think of Sally and how she remained strong and kept going!

Share your ideas and inspirations by leaving a comment or emailing me at Every Wednesday , I will choose one inspiring idea/story to post.

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