Monthly Musings- July

It’s fun to ask ourselves random questions and ponder about ourselves, isn’t it? Oh what’s that? Ok that’s just me then…. But wait it’s surely fun to ask other people and nose into their lives….Anyhoo, I am starting something called Monthly Musings. Do read on…

Rules for Monthly Musings: Every start of the month 3 questions will be posted up to be answered. Copy and paste the questions to your blog post or Facebook timeline, answer them, and share it! You might find out some pretty interesting things about your friends and even about yourself! Do add the link to my blog post ( at the end, so people know where to find future questions.

1. If you could live in any country besides the one you are living in now, where will it be?
I would love to move to Queenstown/Auckland. Ever since my trip to NZ in Dec 2011, I have fallen in love with the country and the people. Its amazing, the beauty of the landscape, the pace of life, the friendly people…

2. If you could choose, would you rather live beside the ocean or under mountains/hills?
I would love to live beside the ocean. I love the beach, and taking a morning walk along the beach everyday is a wonderful notion!

3. Beach paradise or urban paradise for your next vacation?
I always prefer beach paradises for my vacation spots. Nothing I like more than lazing at the beach with a good book…


Readers feel free to suggest questions for my next Monthly Musings :))

By the way this an adapted version of what I found 5crookedhalos, called 5 Questions Friday. Check it out if you like.



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