Savour Today

How many of us really savour the present moment? Be it an entirely normal work day, an impossibly hectic day, or a leisurely day at the park, it is important to be happy at the present moment in life. You may be facing many different challenges or perhaps currently life is going fairly smooth for you. Either way, it is important to savour the moments.

Life passes us by so quickly. It may seem sometimes like the days are stretching out, running together and they don’t vary very much. It is very easy to get into the routine of life and fail to notice the good stuff. But before you know it, the year has ended and you are an year older. You don’t know where the days went.

It helps to keep a day journal, where you could write down the high points and low points of each day – be it in a notebook or a private online blog.

High points serve to remind us that no matter what there is always something positive in our lives at each stage. Everyone can find something good to report at the end of each day. It could be something as simple as “Had a good chat with Mom” or “Cleaned up the closets today”. What you write doesn’t matter so much as the fact that you recorded that moment and realise that there are good moments everyday.

Why I say you could also record the low points is for two reasons. One is that down the road when you re-read the entries, you will realise that somehow you got past that low point in life – you dealt with it. It gives you the confidence that whatever happens, you can handle it. Another reason is that some events that may seem so annoying or crushing to you on that day, will cease to matter a month down the road (a fight with a friend or an unsuccessful interview, perhaps). It serves to remind us that what seemed so bad at that time, wasn’t so bad after all.

These are just general observations and don’t mean to trivialise anyone’s challenges. Some challenges can be tough and take longer to resolve itself. However, time does heal all. What matters though is our belief that we will get over our challenges and good things will come.

Other ways in which you can capture good times are of course the good old camera. Take pictures of happy occasions whenever possible. You could also collect momentos from occasions – the wine bottle cork from that girls’ night out (I wish I had saved that one from the Moscato I had with my lovely gals), the wedding invitation from your best friend’s wedding reception, tickets from the first movie date with your hubby/wife … These things could go into a memory box and as you look through them sometime, it will help you recall the good ol’ times…. The good memories are the ones that will remind us of the possibilities that lie ahead.

How else can we savour our moments? What are some good memories that you treasure?



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3 responses to “Savour Today

  1. Great points! It is so important for us to reflect on what we’ve been through so that we can gain perspective. You’re right in that things that seem huge today may look insignificant tomorrow.

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