Wish vacations could last forever…

Just returned from a 5 day vacation in Malaysia, Kuching. All we did really was eat, walk around the neighbourhood a bit and languish in our wonderful hotel room. The bathroom was so great I could gladly have lived there… Shows how little time I spend in 5-star hotels…

Then as I got back into the office, I got snowed under a heap of emails and work. After clearing a bulk of it, I decided to poke my head in before my followers forget me  😉

During my vacation I noticed something about people. People these days are so enamoured with their tech tools… It’s all fine and dandy to take a few photos, but to capture everything every few seconds? Let’s say you are on a tour and there is a small dance performance, do you really have to rush to the front and capture the whole performance with your iPad (yes we know you have an iPad and you love it, but we don’t, so get out of the way so that the rest of us can watch the damn show!)? I mean where are the days when we sit back, relax and really appreciate what it is we see, as opposed to rushing to capture it all digitally? Photos are great, don’t take me wrong, but we do need to once in a while put away our gadgets and enjoy life by really looking at it without the camera lens in between. Just my observation, that’s all…

That aside the vacation was a great time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. All I did was eat, sleep and re-read my Harry Potter books- not necessarily in that order. Now it is time get my head back in gear for normal life (whatever that constitutes) and get cracking on….



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2 responses to “Wish vacations could last forever…

  1. I totally agree with your perspective on just taking in all that is around you rather than having to capture every single second on film! Our son was married this past year in Whistler in a very intimate setting, just 10 of us. The photographer commented after the ceremony that it was so wonderful to see that not one of us raised our cameras as he & my daughter-in-law were exchanging their vows. We simply took in the moment as we watched & listened to our children declared their love for one another.

    • Thanks for sharing that Lynn! That is really so sweet how everyone gave such full attention to the ceremony. Thats exactly what I mean- we gotta enjoy the moments by being fully present…

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