10 reasons you should NEVER forget your Schooldays!

1. You got to act silly and not be self-conscious about it.

2. You made some of your best friends at school… Think back and you will realise that most of your best buds, you met during your school days.

3. Most of us did not have to make any brain-hurting decisions. The adults generally took care of the hard stuff πŸ™‚

4. Lunch was waaayyy cheaper and sometimes more tasty πŸ™‚ I remember that Nasi Briyani in secondary school, oh yes…the vegetarian stall at NYJC was not too bad either!

5. You got to spend heaps of time lollygagging with your friends after class (I mean the homework could certainly wait, right?) Now we have to make appointments weeks in advance to meetup! Oh the trials of Adulthood…

6. We had plenty of teachers to make fun of… oops… but true. Somehow complaining about work isn’t half as much fun…hmmm

7. Lectures halls were great places to catch up on sleep or gossip πŸ˜‰

8. We were less concerned about our waistline and gorged recklessly on junk… Ah the innocence of youth…gone now…

9. Crushes were exciting then and great fodder for discussion and lengthy analyses of the merits of each crushee… Now finding Mr/Ms Right is practically a box on the To-Do list…

10. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!! 2 whole months every year and during Uni time 4 MONTHS! Those were the days man….regardless of whether we had holiday classes or we took jobs… an holiday is an holiday!

Have you got any fond memories of your schooldays? Do share!



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2 responses to “10 reasons you should NEVER forget your Schooldays!

  1. I am absolutely in love this post..As I read every point, I was like,”so true!!so true!!!”..I’m in college now and looking back , I’m SO DAMN SURE that school days were the best days!!!!!
    Happy to have found you through Rian’s Freshly Press Yourself πŸ™‚

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