Inspire me Wednesdays -There is always hope…

Inspire me Wednesdays are about inspiring quotes or inspiring stories, to give us all a mid-week boost.

I came across this really inspiring story recently and thought I will share it to help inspire us all.

18-year old Patrick Henry Hughes, is blind and wheelchair bound. He also plays the piano beautifully and the trumpet as a member of a marching band. He has graduated from the University of Louisville magna cum laude with a BA in Spanish.

“I mean, God made me blind and didn’t give me the ability to walk. I mean, big deal.” he says. “He gave me the talent to play piano and trumpet and all that good stuff.”

He also says that being blind has opened up a complete world to him, because he cannot see skin colour or features, but instead he sees what’s inside the person. This is someone who has truly taken his challenges into stride and transformed it into a blessing – something that many of us with all our advantages in life find difficult to do. His view of life and his ability to take what he has been given in life and make the best out of it truly astounds me.

For the full story visit and

More of us should strive to view life this way. No matter our challenges in life, there is always a way for us to see it in positive light. We are rarely without resources in life. Most of us do have plenty, if only we stop to appreciate them, maximise on them and be contented along the way.

Thank you Patrick Hughes, for being such an inspiration to the rest of us!

What else has inspired you recently? Share with us!

Share your ideas and inspirations by leaving a comment or emailing me at Every Wednesday , I will choose one inspiring idea/story to post.


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  1. heartbreakingly beautiful!

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