Inspire Me Wednesdays – To keep on going through it all

Inspire me Wednesdays are about inspiring quotes or inspiring stories, to give us all a mid-week boost.

Today’s Inspire Me story is about Sally Lefkowitz, an active philanthropist, who gave her time to organisations such as the USO of Metropolitan New York, the Floating Hospital, Women’s Auxiliary of NYU Medical Center and Brandeis U. National Women’s Committee. She was also active in the Jewish community, particularly Women’s League for Israel, B’nai B’rith and Hadassah. She passed away at the age of 95, having lived a rich and inspiring life.

I read about her in Susan Jeffer’s book “Life is Huge”. Susan Jeffers considers Sally Lefkowitz as one of her heros. Sally had suffered numerous physical and emotional difficulties throughout her life but she refused to be beaten down by them. Instead, she continued to give her full to helping others and being a solid part of the community.

She had suffered a stroke that bound her in a wheelchair, almost robbing her of her ability to speak, cancer, tuberculosis, possible blindness and the loss of her loving husband. Through it all, she never stopped contributing. She continued attending the meetings of the various charities she was involved in, still attended the events, and enjoyed life in ways that many of us with lesser problems fail to do.

As I read her story, I felt that if she could contribute so much, to others and to her own life despite her challenges, I can too. We all can!

Her story has made me realise that no matter what life throws at us, there are ways for us to live a fulfilling life. Whenever I feel down or overwhelmed, I will think of Sally and how she remained strong and kept going!

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