Siblinghood – more than simple rivalry

Having lots of siblings is like having built-in best friends.
Kim Kardashian

Source: Brainy Quotes

My brother, me and my sister with our mum

I got to thinking the other day what it would be like not to have siblings. Frankly, it’ll be boring, not to mention lonely growing up! They are the ones who add colour to your growing-up days. You boss them around, you get bossed around (even if you are the elder one, trust me!), you tell on them, get told on, fight, laugh, play and cry with them. These are the shared experiences you never really forget. They shape the memories of your childhood. For the most part, they form one of our strongest support systems as we grow older. It’s so easy to take them for granted- yea, came with the deal, an add-on to the family, no biggie. But no!

Not everyone has siblings and most of them will tell you they wish they had. Things you can’t tell your parents you could confide in them (after the telling-on phase passes of course!), they are an extra listening ear with the added benefit of knowing your full history and family situation – they just get it.

So go call up your sibling today and let them know how much you appreciate them! Or if you don’t have that kind of touchy-feely relationship with them – just give them a buzz to ask how they are, to show we care, because so often we forget to show it.



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4 responses to “Siblinghood – more than simple rivalry

  1. Megan

    As an only child I fully agree!!!!!

  2. Yes, siblings are a tremendous gift. I’m so happy I have my two sisters to share my life with. Thank you for reading my blog!

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