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Lighten up already…

Do I consider myself funny? I don’t think I am particularly funny, though friends have commented now and then that I am funny. Perhaps I have a dry sense of humour sometimes. I say things that I don’t really intend to be funny but sometimes people find it funny. I am better at self-deprecating humour, poking fun at myself, or wry observations of situations.

I am lucky enough to know a few really funny people in life. A friend’s husband is a rather witty person. He can make the most mundane things seem funny. He just has a way of putting things that make you crack up. It is also hugely entertaining to watch them both have their half-serious arguments. My friend is also rather funny herself, so when they have a go at each other, it sure is entertaining for the rest of us!

Humour is important to life. Life is much easier when we are able to see the lighter side of things. I like a good laugh. I’d prefer a funny movie to a drama anytime. I also love cartoon movies – I am forever dragging my husband to those. Reluctant though he might be, he always ends up liking it. They just loosen you up – the silly antics, the surprisingly witty humour, the mad expressions- good stuff…

It is also important to laugh at yourself. When the going gets tough, when I find myself worked up over something, I try to get out of the situation and look at myself from the outside. Sometimes, I just laugh at myself for taking things too seriously. That’s the way it should be. That being said, I don’t laugh nearly as much as I should. Do I think that my problems are so serious I shouldn’t be laughing about it? If I think on it – no, not really. Yes there are tough times, but no need to be so serious; I should lighten up!

Here is to a lovely laughable day to all!

Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

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Getting older and realising that you still haven’t got your sh** together… yet…

When I was 6, life was great! Mummy decided my clothes, my hairstyle and my diet. Daddy decided where I went to school. Friends were mean sometimes but that’s alright, there were other friends to play with…Everything is fine! 

When I was 13, I thought when I get to 18 I’d look less awkward, have more friends and like school better and everything will be fine then.

When I was 18, I thought by the time I am 25, I’d find my life partner, get a great job, earn loads of money and everything will be fine then.

When I was 25, I thought when I am 30, I will have my 2.1 kids, a flat of my own with my hubby and having found that great job, everything will be fine.

3 years shy of that 30 year old mark (what??! Only 3 more years before I hit the big 3-O? I better get my sh** together fast!), I see that along the way, some things I wanted worked out, some things didn’t. But at every stage, except at my 6-year old self, I was thinking of how life will be “fine” once I get to that age when I got everything “settled”. Recently, due to some trying events, I got jolted into seeing that life is ALWAYS going to be like this- there is always something I’m gonna want settled before I can say its all fine.

I need to see that life is fine NOW! Taking a leaf out of my 6-year old self’s book, I need to see what is going well now and not what may or may not happen later.

If good stuff happens, great! If not, I will find ways to deal with it.

So I resolve to find my inner 6-year old (she is in there somewhere, I know it!), and rejoice in her sunny view of life.

Here is to all of us finding our 6-yr old selves!XOXO



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Inspire Me Wednesday – Look for the deeper meaning

I found a series of short heart-warming stories at Marc and Angel Hack Life. More such stories can be found at Makes Me Think. These are a collection of real life, inspiring, sad or otherwise thought provoking stories sent in by people.

One of the stories that really made me think was this one:

Today, when I opened my store at 5AM there was an envelope sitting on the floor by the door. In the envelope was $600 and a note that said, “Five years ago, I broke into your store at night and stole $300 worth of food. I’m sorry. I was desperate. Here’s the money with 100% interest.” Interestingly, I never reported the incident to the cops because I assumed that whoever stole the food really needed it.

This story made me think that events that happen are sometimes not what they seem on the surface (in this story’s case; it wasn’t a simple robbery driven by greed or malice; rather the person really needed the food). There are deeper meanings to unfortunate or unhappy events that we may discover years later, or may not ever truly know the reasons for. As we go through life, perhaps it’s good to stop and think about why something may be happening in this particular way, or why bad times plague us rather than simply reacting to it with upset and frustration.

There are reasons for everything in life… we just may not know it yet.

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Happiness is…

Happiness is a good book and a cup of good coffee at a quiet cafe…


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You know what they say about well-laid plans…

I love planning! I have been engaging in this joyful activity since young. I love to orchestrate my days, know exactly what I will be doing and when, and with whom and when things should happen and even how they should happen… yes kind of a control freak…


The plans I make always seem to dismally fail me – at least the major life plans. Whenever I PLAN a certain sequence of events for my life – it doesn’t happen quite that way. So I have resolved to stop planning anything beyond what I am going to have for lunch and what to wear to work tomorrow – even this, I am too weary at night to bother; I just open my closet in the morning and pick what comes. I have heard that God has plans for me. I sure am glad He does and I hope they are good stuff.

It seems those who see success in life go after their dreams relentlessly and methodically and have a series of goals that they aim to reach. I would reckon that a fair bit of planning is required for this. I have thought much about this. How do these people plan out their lives so well?

I think it is a matter of having several contingency plans, or taking things one step at a time. You can have a few realistic and well chosen goals, have a few ideas on how to go about getting there, but also know that things may not work like clockwork. We need to have the ability and mindset to constantly adapt to our changing circumstances. We need to have the trust in ourselves that no matter how the situation evolves, we have the ability to adapt. When we have this, we don’t need to be afraid that our well-laid plans will come crashing down – we know that we will be able to adapt and re-design as we go along.

Currently things are not too rosy but I guess (hope!!!) things will get better soon. But things are OK all things considered. That is life, I suppose, because if everything’s great then there is nothing to look forward to, is there?

“The best things are never arrived at in haste. God is in no hurry; His plans are never rushed.”
― Michael Phillips

Wishing all of you well-laid plans that will see success!

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