Monthly Musings –August

Monthly Musings is where every start of the month, I muse about different topics and answer 3 questions about myself. Readers, feel free to answer those same questions in the comments section or on your own blog. Do let me know about it if you post it on your blog so I can have fun reading it!


1. At what age did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
Nineteen. What? Gosh, nooo, seriously? Really, yea. Got married to him too. I guess I am lucky, really; not many people get married to the first person they fall in love with. Got to be grateful for little blessings like these.

2. What relation do you not have but wish you had?
I wish I could have had an older sibling, someone within the family I can look up to for guidance and friendship. I am the eldest sibling, and have always had the burden of being the “responsible” one. But anyways, I am glad for the siblings I do have. But this just a random thought I get sometimes…

3. If you could resume an old relationship that you have let drift, what would that be?
There were a couple of really good friends I had in secondary school. While I am still friends with them on Facebook, I am not exactly close to them in real life anymore. But we used to be pretty good friends, so I wish I could have maintained that friendship better. But oh well, it happens in life, very often without really intending to, people do drift apart.

Do let me know if you have any fun or interesting questions for me to answer at my next Monthly Musings in September!


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4 responses to “Monthly Musings –August

  1. hi 🙂 Just a random question popped in my mind! “How often do you feel pretty and what makes you feel so?” Hoping you would answer this next month 🙂

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