Judge not- for who am I to make that decision

Lately, I have adopted this habit – not to repeat any negative comments or incidences, where the subject of that incidence will be put in a bad light. You could say my version of not repeating gossip. For instance, when I have witnessed someone behaving badly, or someone else has told me something negative about a person, I restrain myself from telling someone else about it.

I don’t know what it is about us – sometimes, we feel a certain thrill in passing on gossip and comments about others. It just is something all of us tend to do now and then, some of us more than others. It’s not something we give real thought to. But I started thinking about it recently and decided to consciously not do it anymore.

And curiously, I feel better not doing it. When we pass on such comments to other people, the conversation will naturally flow into a discussion about the person’s character or personality, or life etc. We end up making judgments from these one –off events, often unfair judgments. It’s sounds so terribly high-minded and all, but I’d rather not pass judgment on others if I can help it. If I don’t want others to judge me, then I should return the favour. After all, I don’t always know the full story behind the person’s actions, and even if I do, who am I to make a decision about the right-ness of what they did or didn’t do.

For now I shall reserve judgment for serial killers and the like, and spare others, who are just like us all, probably trying their best to get along…



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2 responses to “Judge not- for who am I to make that decision

  1. I think you are wise. Civil. And a good person.

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