Inspire Me Wednesday – The kind souls among us

Today’s Insipire Me post is a personal experience. It’s a rather simple story but one that really touched me and restored in me, my faith in humanity and kindness.

Last Monday morning was a particularly blue Monday, what with having to get up at 6.30 am after a 4-day weekend, due to public holidays that fell on Thursday and Friday. I got up as usual (meaning after snoozing 2 ten minute snoozes) and left in a hurry, not bothering with my usual breakfast, deciding to just have my sandwich at work.

I don’t know what it was, perhaps the combination of sleepy-ness and not having had breakfast, halfway through my train journey, I started getting dizzy. No matter how much I tried, taking deep breaths and all, I could not stave it off. I hadn’t gotten a seat in the train, so I was leaning against the wall. My vision was blacking up and eventually I gave in to it and closed my eyes.

Next thing I know, I am on the floor, with a variety of people fussing over me asking if I wanted medicated oil and offering me a seat. I was still quite disoriented, but knew enough that my stop to alight had arrived. Even in my half-blind half unconscious state, I managed to thank all the kind people and got off. One kind man passed me my carrier bag, which I had placed on the floor and by now completely forgotten.

I was, of course, by now properly and suitably mortified of having caused such a scene. But the journey must go on – I still had to change trains to get to my workplace. At that point, a nice lady came up to me and asked if I was Ok and where I was going. She told me she was going the same way and said she was going to bring me there, in case I fainted again. She even offered me her sandwich, when I told her I hadn’t had breakfast! She brought me down to the train platform and got me on the train. She took down my phone number, gave me hers and told me to call her once I had safely reached my workplace. By now, I was feeling less dizzy, though I had quite a headache; but at least I was walking on my own steam. By the time I reached my office, there was a text from Eileen (that’s her name) reminding me to call her and to drink isotonic drinks to feel better.

I was supremely touched by her kindness and her caring – in a world where we all are rushing about to get our own business done, she took the time to take care of me and make sure I got to my destination safely. Honestly, she could just have asked if I was OK and leave it at that, nobody would have thought twice or faulted her for it. It’s generally what most of us might have done.

But she went the extra mile for a stranger and that really inspired me to write this post. Though, it involved revealing my embarrassing moment, which would have been best left forgotten on the platforms of Singapore’s MRT stations – ugh!



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2 responses to “Inspire Me Wednesday – The kind souls among us

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when we are reminded that human kindness still exists in our society? I just posted an entry the other day on by blog about what I call, Simple Joys. One person commented that their Simple Joy is being either the “doer” or the “recipient” of a random act of kindness. I couldn’t agree more! Have a wonderful day:)

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