Getting older and realising that you still haven’t got your sh** together… yet…

When I was 6, life was great! Mummy decided my clothes, my hairstyle and my diet. Daddy decided where I went to school. Friends were mean sometimes but that’s alright, there were other friends to play with…Everything is fine! 

When I was 13, I thought when I get to 18 I’d look less awkward, have more friends and like school better and everything will be fine then.

When I was 18, I thought by the time I am 25, I’d find my life partner, get a great job, earn loads of money and everything will be fine then.

When I was 25, I thought when I am 30, I will have my 2.1 kids, a flat of my own with my hubby and having found that great job, everything will be fine.

3 years shy of that 30 year old mark (what??! Only 3 more years before I hit the big 3-O? I better get my sh** together fast!), I see that along the way, some things I wanted worked out, some things didn’t. But at every stage, except at my 6-year old self, I was thinking of how life will be “fine” once I get to that age when I got everything “settled”. Recently, due to some trying events, I got jolted into seeing that life is ALWAYS going to be like this- there is always something I’m gonna want settled before I can say its all fine.

I need to see that life is fine NOW! Taking a leaf out of my 6-year old self’s book, I need to see what is going well now and not what may or may not happen later.

If good stuff happens, great! If not, I will find ways to deal with it.

So I resolve to find my inner 6-year old (she is in there somewhere, I know it!), and rejoice in her sunny view of life.

Here is to all of us finding our 6-yr old selves!XOXO




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3 responses to “Getting older and realising that you still haven’t got your sh** together… yet…

  1. Happy birthday!!
    What a coincidence, yesterday was my sister’s birthday too, she turned 28. The night before she was having kinda the same thoughts as you are describing here but thankfully we reach the same conclusion, live now!! Enjoy every day!!

  2. I think the problem is that it took us until now to realize it was shit. I gave up worrying last month. Worrying is exhausting and doesn’t solve anything. Besides, I always worry about the wrong things.

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