Monthly Musings-September

It’s all bout Fashion this month

1. What is your most comfortable outfit?
Leggings and a loose-fitting top, with a scarf thrown around.

2. What is your latest favourite fashion item?
I am currently obsessed with collecting scarves of all shapes, sizes and colours!
Used to be shoes and bags, but I have temporarily put a stop to those – there is no more space in my shoe and bag cupboards!

3. How often do you feel pretty and what makes you feel so? (question contributed by LynAn from – Thanks Lyn!)
I feel pretty when I have a face clear of zits and I look fresh in the morning. It is such a nice feeling to have a good hair day too… As for how often this happens, about 3-4 times a week perhaps. Not too bad, I guess….

What about you people? What are your answers to these? I’d love to hear them! I know, I am nosy…

What others questions will be good for my next monthly musings?

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One response to “Monthly Musings-September

  1. Not bad at all!!! 3 or 4 times a week is great!!! 😉 🙂 Thank you for including my question!!!
    well, I think I’m going to go on and answer those questions 😉
    1. My most comfortable is a salwar…a fitting that’s not too tight, not too loose!
    2. My latest favourite fashion items are purses and clutch bags!!! It feels awesome to carry a purse around, one which matches or goes with the outfit! 😉 🙂
    3. I feel pretty when I wake up early in the morning…I usually get up quite late after burning the midnight oil..Once in a while, I get up early,that’s when I feel so refreshed and pretty!!! happens only once or twice a month 😉 Trying to make that a habit!!

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