My Toy Story

The toys that saw me through most of my childhood were my Barbie ™ dolls (and one measly Ken™ doll). I had quite a collection of them with assorted accessories and thingamagigs that came along in each set. Each time I did fairly well in my exams, my Dad got me a new set. Come to think of the collection that I did have, I must have done pretty well after all (well, I didn’t flunk out in any case)… They came in many shapes and forms, varying in features and ethnicity – I had mostly the standard Caucasian blonde, but I also had an African American and an Indian one (to acquire this one I had to practically roll around on the shop floor in a tantrum on our visit to India).

I would have liked to have collected Barbies of other ethnicity as well, now that I think about it, but my tastes and ideas were not as cultured and discerning at 10, not to mention the rolling tantrums I would have needed to have thrown in different cities to have gotten them… (lol no offense Dad but you were not as forthcoming with Barbies dolls back then – you thought them a waste of space ).

When my Barbie dolls were not busy having their hair cut and heads ripped off by my lil’ brother (brothers everywhere they are the same, aren’t they, ladies?), they were engaged in fascinating tea parties and huge dramas to rival Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy, all directed by yours truly. I was a child with a huge imagination and plenty of time (sorry Mum, those times you thought I was studying? I was secretly directing plays for my Barbies – sure explains my PSLE scores eh?). My most enjoyable hours were spent with my Barbie dolls, to be sure.

As for the link between my favourite plaything and what I am now as an adult (when did I get so old??), I still do have an over-active imagination, though they are now often spent worrying about unlikely events! But seriously, yes, I still very much like creating stories and envisioning and conceptualising things. However, I am not a film director, script writer or novelist career- wise (maybe I should go down that path?). I do these creative-like things as a hobby and it remains among my most pleasurable activities.

It is only after I have written this Daily Prompt post, that I realise just how much of my childhood nature I have retained. Creative, imaginative, easily distracted, emotional, passionate… Interesting…

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