Stop planning already…LIVE!

Planning a wedding is a surefire way of learning that Life never goes according to plan.

I got married almost three years ago so those days are well in the past for me. But with my third wedding anniversary around the corner and my brother-in-law planning his wedding, I got to thinking about weddings…

We so called Bridezillas spend so many hours and days fretting over so many details that we think are so absolutely critical to that perfect day, we terrorize our loved ones, especially our groom (who may be re-considering his proposal, poor chap), get meltdowns over makeup, hair and flowers, get panic attacks because we haven’t found that perfect dress yet and so on. Ah yes, those were the days…I dimly recall my own panic attacks over having to book a new makeup artist 2 months short of my wedding date!

Even on the day itself, I was running around getting things organized until my makeup artist told me to get my ass into the dressing room ’cause she needs her 2 hours of prep time. My control freak ass barely sat still- Thank God for my best friend who was right there to calm me down (and do my running around for me!).

Anyway long story short, apart from a few hiccups, things went fairly smooth that day. I don’t think the guests noticed all the imperfections that I noticed.

Thats how Life is as well. Other people don’t notice the imperfections in our life as much as we do. We plan plan and plan, then fret endlessly because things aren’t perfect. But perhaps it’s good to remember our wedding day-things may not go according to plan exactly, but more or less things turn out fine in the end. In the meantime, we should enjoy the process and the moments (be it Life or the wedding day or whichever event).

Because when the day is over, there will be no do-overs. You don’t get to experience it again in the same way, know what I mean? If it’s been a terrible day for whatever reason, then – phew, glad it’s over! If it’s been a good day, then you’ll be glad you enjoyed it because you were totally in the present enjoying the moments as they came.

So don’t bother with that 5-yr Life plan… mostly likely it won’t work out the way you saw it… Live today well to the best of your ability and go from there.

Here’s to enjoyable moments for all of you…


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