I am cautiously psyched about our upcoming trip to Europe!
Cautious because I dont want any high expectations or excitement to jinx this trip – I am superstitious that way :-o! Anyway my husband and I have been planning to do an across Europe trip for a couple years now. For one reason or another it hasn’t happened yet but this year despite a tight budget we have decided its now or never.
In about 18 days we plan to cover 5 countries across central Europe. I want this trip to be a time where I enjoy a different culture not just as a tourist but as a traveller where I can learn things about others and myself. Aside from that I will also indulge in touristy pleasures too like posing in front of the ever-famous Eifel Tour and the Vatican and what-not…
I am sure I might not feel like going back to work after such a long trip! But we must press on- I shall think about it when we return. For now it is about absorbing each day and reveling in every exprience, taking it as it comes and going with the flow.

More updates to follow about the trip!



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  2. Sounds great!!! Have a great trip! Waiting to hear all about it 🙂

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