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Trusting the Universe is hard

So lately I haven’t been feeling too happy. There is something missing in my days. Everything is a bland routine. The weekdays come and they go, the weekends come and yes I do have some fun, and they go by as well. The days go by but really what are they made of? What do I do that is meaningful? Lately, I have been harping on things a lot. All the things that I am dissatisfied about are coming up repeatedly. I suspect it’s these things that keep me unhappy. There is not much I can do right now to fix any of these things. Drastic actions and decisions have never helped. So I am not doing any of that. But the alternative is inaction, to do nothing while everything remains unsatisfactory. I am supposed to have faith in the Universe and trust that all things will fall into place at the right time and everything will turn out OK. But I am often afraid that this may not be true and that the end result will just be that I wasted time doing nothing. Does that even make sense?

Because at this point in Life, for certain situations I am facing now (I won’t go into the gory details now), I simply do not know what the right solution is. I am not sure what the right decision is.

I also have so much resentment and frustration. There have been a couple of things that have not been working out for me for the past 3-4 years and it’s all adding up. There is a constant ever-present conflict. I strive all the time to be content but it is a constant battle. They say you can make your Life out to be the way you want it to be. It is not true. We do not have the power to influence certain circumstances. We can only change our inner attitude towards our circumstances. This is the journey I am on. To constantly fight the resentments and frustrations that nose into my thoughts.

To be honest, I admit my issues are first world problems, and those living in poverty and starvation will not be impressed by my frustrations. But that is the problem with the human ego isn’t it? When our basic needs are met, we aspire towards higher fulfilment. And the more we have, the more we want, because there is always a next level to aspire to – it never ends. I so desperately want to be content with what I have. But I feel if I don’t keep aspiring to things, I will not grow and my life will stagnate. So I feel I must keep trying… And in this process, there is so much conflict and frustration…

Strangely, after writing all this, I feel better. Nothing has changed, but I feel better about it. No wonder they say writing is good for the spirit. I need to write more!

So… On that note….

Things that make me happy
Well brewed coffee
Aromatherapy soap
Devious maids episodes – I am officially addicted
Time with friends
Getting dressed up and going out
Lazy Sunday afternoons (with Devious Maids episodes of course!)
Friends getting married!


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Possibilities- Life is full of them!

One fine day at work, I had a bit of a lull and was just reading random articles on the web. I came across Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. It’s about her journey to find happiness and to fortify herself against future challenges and adversity by learning how to be happy at the present moment.

It really got me thinking about what I was doing. At that point, I was going through a lot of confusion as to which direction to go in life, with regards to work, family and interests.

One of Gretchen’s main principles is to Be Gretchen – that is, for each of us, to be ourselves, to accept firstly our own fundamental natures and to accept our own limitations. I got to thinking seriously about what really energizes me, what I really would like to see myself do.

I made some tough choices, let go of opportunities that seemed great on the outside but may not really be the best for me. See, in life they say you have to grab opportunities when they come along, but I think you have to check if that option is something that is really suitable for you. Don’t feel compelled to go with something because that seems the expected direction to take.

Basically I am on my own happiness journey like Gretchen Rubin and I am learning everyday. How to savour everyday, how to make the choices that are right for me, how to go beyond the problems of my own little world and make an impact on others and so on…

Life is filled with possibilities and obstacles. We do have a tendency to focus on the obstacles, and we do that because obviously we want to find ways to remove them. But if we get too obsessed with the obstacles in our lives we will miss out on the possibilities out there. Do what you can do to overcome the challenges but also focus on the things that are going right, and on all the ways in which you can make life richer for yourself and others. This is how I try to keep my spirits up each day – What can I do today to make today a great day?

What are some things you do to make the day go better? What possibilities are you looking forward to? Do share!

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Inspire Me Wednesday – A Prayer For Courage

Inspire me Wednesdays are about inspiring quotes or inspiring stories, to give us all a mid-week boost.

For today’s Inspire Me Wednesday, I came across a prayer by Rabindranath Tagore. Simple but eloquent words. I especially like the last line.

A Prayer For Courage
Rabindranath Tagore

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,
But to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
But for the heart to conquer it.
Let me not look for allies in life’s battlefield,
But to my own strength.
Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved,
But hope for the patience to win my freedom.
Grant me that I may not be a coward, feeling your mercy in my success alone,
But let me find the grasp of your hand in my failure.

It’s a prayer that isn’t asking for God/ a Higher Power to remove our troubles but rather asking for the strength to go through our troubles bravely. For we all know by now that life will always be filled with challenges, they do not magically disappear and the only way past is through them. What we want is the courage, strength and wisdom to go through them. I so like the last line, because it gives me the sense that God is with me even through my failures and difficulties, to bring me through them.

Wishing all of you courage, strength and wisdom!

Share your ideas and inspirations by leaving a comment or emailing me at mindurspirit@gmail.com. Every Wednesday , I will choose one inspiring idea/story to post.


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Inspire Me Wednesdays – To keep on going through it all

Inspire me Wednesdays are about inspiring quotes or inspiring stories, to give us all a mid-week boost.

Today’s Inspire Me story is about Sally Lefkowitz, an active philanthropist, who gave her time to organisations such as the USO of Metropolitan New York, the Floating Hospital, Women’s Auxiliary of NYU Medical Center and Brandeis U. National Women’s Committee. She was also active in the Jewish community, particularly Women’s League for Israel, B’nai B’rith and Hadassah. She passed away at the age of 95, having lived a rich and inspiring life.

I read about her in Susan Jeffer’s book “Life is Huge”. Susan Jeffers considers Sally Lefkowitz as one of her heros. Sally had suffered numerous physical and emotional difficulties throughout her life but she refused to be beaten down by them. Instead, she continued to give her full to helping others and being a solid part of the community.

She had suffered a stroke that bound her in a wheelchair, almost robbing her of her ability to speak, cancer, tuberculosis, possible blindness and the loss of her loving husband. Through it all, she never stopped contributing. She continued attending the meetings of the various charities she was involved in, still attended the events, and enjoyed life in ways that many of us with lesser problems fail to do.

As I read her story, I felt that if she could contribute so much, to others and to her own life despite her challenges, I can too. We all can!

Her story has made me realise that no matter what life throws at us, there are ways for us to live a fulfilling life. Whenever I feel down or overwhelmed, I will think of Sally and how she remained strong and kept going!

Share your ideas and inspirations by leaving a comment or emailing me at mindurspirit@gmail.com. Every Wednesday , I will choose one inspiring idea/story to post.

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Inspire me Wednesdays -There is always hope…

Inspire me Wednesdays are about inspiring quotes or inspiring stories, to give us all a mid-week boost.

I came across this really inspiring story recently and thought I will share it to help inspire us all.

18-year old Patrick Henry Hughes, is blind and wheelchair bound. He also plays the piano beautifully and the trumpet as a member of a marching band. He has graduated from the University of Louisville magna cum laude with a BA in Spanish.

“I mean, God made me blind and didn’t give me the ability to walk. I mean, big deal.” he says. “He gave me the talent to play piano and trumpet and all that good stuff.”

He also says that being blind has opened up a complete world to him, because he cannot see skin colour or features, but instead he sees what’s inside the person. This is someone who has truly taken his challenges into stride and transformed it into a blessing – something that many of us with all our advantages in life find difficult to do. His view of life and his ability to take what he has been given in life and make the best out of it truly astounds me.

For the full story visit http://inspire21.com/stories/truestories/GodMadeMeBlind and http://www.patrickhenryhughes.com/

More of us should strive to view life this way. No matter our challenges in life, there is always a way for us to see it in positive light. We are rarely without resources in life. Most of us do have plenty, if only we stop to appreciate them, maximise on them and be contented along the way.

Thank you Patrick Hughes, for being such an inspiration to the rest of us!

What else has inspired you recently? Share with us!

Share your ideas and inspirations by leaving a comment or emailing me at mindurspirit@gmail.com. Every Wednesday , I will choose one inspiring idea/story to post.

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