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The list never ends…

When we start stacking up our desires and making lists of what we want it becomes endless. Somehow there is always more things we want out of Life.

Modern life is so cluttered with material attractions, competition and expectations that we impose them on ourselves and somehow get lost in the feeling that we need this or that to live a good life.

So many of us put such pressure on ourselves to achieve wealth, status and success as pre-determined by society. When did it get to a point when someone else was an authority on what is a successful life for me? When did I get to the point where I let someone else’s ambitions become a template for my own?

I started questioning and realised that I get to choose what constitutes contentment and happiness for myself. The trick is not to allow others to make you feel bad for the choices you make. To not allow myself to get pressured about situations that are beyond my control.

Its easier said than done and I have to keep reminding myself to keep my priorities straight. It is a constant practice.

Practice does make perfect, though.

Keep on practicing!


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The Importance of Not Giving Up

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison
One of my favorite quotes from a great scientist. In life you have to keep trying again and again, even if sometimes you just don’t feel like carrying on. This is not to say you should bang your head against a wall knowing you are not going to crack it (the wall, that is). When you feel in your gut that this is the right path, or this is the goal you know you want to reach and it is somehow possible to achieve, go for it. You may fail, chances are high even, but that should not stop you. TRY and try again if you have to.

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