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You know what they say about well-laid plans…

I love planning! I have been engaging in this joyful activity since young. I love to orchestrate my days, know exactly what I will be doing and when, and with whom and when things should happen and even how they should happen… yes kind of a control freak…


The plans I make always seem to dismally fail me – at least the major life plans. Whenever I PLAN a certain sequence of events for my life – it doesn’t happen quite that way. So I have resolved to stop planning anything beyond what I am going to have for lunch and what to wear to work tomorrow – even this, I am too weary at night to bother; I just open my closet in the morning and pick what comes. I have heard that God has plans for me. I sure am glad He does and I hope they are good stuff.

It seems those who see success in life go after their dreams relentlessly and methodically and have a series of goals that they aim to reach. I would reckon that a fair bit of planning is required for this. I have thought much about this. How do these people plan out their lives so well?

I think it is a matter of having several contingency plans, or taking things one step at a time. You can have a few realistic and well chosen goals, have a few ideas on how to go about getting there, but also know that things may not work like clockwork. We need to have the ability and mindset to constantly adapt to our changing circumstances. We need to have the trust in ourselves that no matter how the situation evolves, we have the ability to adapt. When we have this, we don’t need to be afraid that our well-laid plans will come crashing down – we know that we will be able to adapt and re-design as we go along.

Currently things are not too rosy but I guess (hope!!!) things will get better soon. But things are OK all things considered. That is life, I suppose, because if everything’s great then there is nothing to look forward to, is there?

“The best things are never arrived at in haste. God is in no hurry; His plans are never rushed.”
― Michael Phillips

Wishing all of you well-laid plans that will see success!


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