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Live life stubbornly…

I haven’t posted in a very long time. But then, you all would know that. Talk about stating the obvious…Things got hectic, life consumed my time and energy and my creative juices weren’t feeling up to doing justice to any posts. But I have been following my fellow bloggers, diligently reading their posts and marveling at how well written they all were. All the while wondering when I was going to get back to it, if I was ever gonna post another entry ever? All the while feeling vaguely guilty that I left my readers hanging without so much as a “see you when I get back”… After months of non-activity, I was surprised to receive a new follower and their comment made me realize that I need to get back into this again. That I should get writing again, if only for the love of putting words on paper again.

So here is an entry that I had drafted ages ago but feel now is an appropriate time to post it.

Live Life Stubbornly!
The things we go through happen so that we can appreciate the good things in life. If everything went smoothly, then we will take it all for granted. Trials make us stronger. Why am I going through this, why me, are common thoughts we have when things get tough. At these times we can only hold on to the thought that this will only make us a stronger person in the end. It seems unfair; but unfair things happen to everybody all the time at some point in their lives.

At such times, we need to tell ourselves this: I am not Alone. There are others going through the same things, others have gone past it and survived, and so will I. I have my support systems and comfort activities to keep me going. I will keep going and not let Life get me down!

Sometimes, really bad stuff happens, and keeps happening seemingly in a never-ending cycle of pain. And you are like, Seriously? I mean come on! You feel like someone up there has aimed the magnifying glass on you, their own personal ant. I don’t have the answer to this, I really don’t. I don’t know why some people have to suffer so much (Recently, I was very disturbed and moved by the trials of a fellow blogger). But I do know this – the answer does not lie in tallying how much bad stuff has happened, counting the ways in which your situation is going to hell in a hand basket (because I know it feels that way sometimes). It doesn’t help to ruminate.

Life stops when we start obsessing about things. So never stop, always keep busy and do something relevant and useful everyday. There are those bad days when nothing seems to go right and you just want to sit down with a big hot fudge chocolate sundae and rot in front of the telly. Well, rot away! But only for one day or a few hours; give yourself that time to wallow, we all need a pity fest once in a while. Some downtime while our emotional landscape takes time to re-adjust after whatever it was that shook it up.

Then pick yourself up and get going. Refuse to be pushed down by life’s trials. Don’t give up, don’t let life push you down. Do what needs to get done, do what makes you happy, for it is the only way to live life – by LIVING it stubbornly and resolutely no matter how many times we fall!

Here’s to living stubbornly!




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